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Eye tracking research and usability studies

Eye tracking research and usability studies

One of the most widespread uses of eye tracking technology is in Usability studies. This is mainly due to the fact that eye tracking technology allows researchers that are studying website or software usability the ability to gain more comprehensive feedback than traditional study methods, such as Think Aloud. The use of eye tracking for these types of studies helps to show researchers not only what the research subjects are looking at, but also the order in which they looked at things in order to accomplish a given task. This type of information can be extremely useful when companies are trying to make their user-interfaces as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

There are several important realizations that have come from the use of eye tracking technology in web usability studies. Such as, the conclusions that most web users scan a page in an F pattern, rather than reading all of the content on the page and a study the revealed the “Google Golden Triangle.” There have also been several studies done on the effectiveness on web banner ads, these studies have shown over and over that web users are trained to avoid traditional banner ads simply by averting their eyes from anything that appears to an ad.


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